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This blog has started with a small idea to present the information , only correct Medical information available in the Textbooks in an easy way that everyone will understand without all the unnecessary information that is usually good but too much to make the searching person able to easily find what he or she is looking for .

The blog contains an updated list of medicines with uses dosages and side effects explained in an easy uncomplicated way to help every person in need or searching for the right and accurate information.

The blog contains original information only taken from certified sources which will guarantee every word written here is True certified and completely accurate.

The blog also contains a lot of information scientifically written for the help of professionals seeking  quick and accurate piece of information .

The web contains thousands of information and a lot of clutter also.

But you can always depend on Our blog to summarize in an easy bright and helpful way all the answers for all the questions you have

Please feel free to contact us on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Baby.Pharmacy
 with any quiries you have in your mind , we will be totally happy to answer you as quick as possible .

We know how moms and dads are worried about their babies.
We know medical Professionals are too busy nowadays to give the Right information.

website Run by Hisham Elkanayati 
A pharmacist who believes in giving a lot of His free time in helping People for free to better understand and use medicines.


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